Please read the following instructions for obtaining a Resale Package from Lakeland Colony:


Instructions for ordering a Lakeland Colony Corporartion (LCC) Resale Package:


1. Ensure the LCC member is fully paid for all annual assessments and dock fees (if applicable). The selling member should contact the Lakeland Colony Secretary or Treasurer to verify they are current with all assessments. If a selling member refuses to pay all outstanding fees the buyer may purchase shares in Lakeland Colony for the lot(s) under sales agreement.


2. Please supply ALL of the following information in your electronic resale package request and allow at least two weeks for preparation prior to the scheduled closing date:

The electronic request should include:

- Seller's full name and mailing address

- Purchaser's full name, mailing address, email address and phone number (this is for entry into the Lakeland Colony Member database after the closing)

- Closing date or tentative closing date


To make an electronic resale package request please click here. (


3. Please mail the resale package preparation fee, made payable to Lakeland Colony Corporation, of $100 to:


Lakeland Colony Corporation

1422 Lakeland Drive

Lake Ariel, PA 18436


Please include a note with the check referencing the transaction, eg. "Re-sale Package Fee for Buyer's Name - Seller's Name Real Estate Transaction


4. Contents of the Resale Package

After the electronic resale package request has been received, the Lakeland Colony Treasurer will provide the following electronic contents to the seller's representative:


- Cover Letter

- Resale Certificate from Section 5407 of the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communites Act

- Copy of the latest Annual Members meeting minutes

- Copy of the Lakeland Colony Corporation Board of Directors

- Copy of the current Lakeland Colony Corporation annual budget

- Copy of the Lakeland Colony Corporation By-laws

- Copy of the Lakeland Colony Corporation Rules and Regulations

- Copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance (Board of Directors Liability)